The Settlement at Quabbs

Quabbs is a dispersed hamlet situated on the ridgeway above the Clun and the Teme valleys.

Image of Quabbs under snow

Quabbs in Winter

The name is middle English and means ‘ a bog’ or ‘a marshy place’

It is situated in a saucer shaped indentation below the ridge, and comprises six dwellings.

Originally there were five, and all were called ‘Quabbs Cottage’.

Because this was confusing other names have been created so that the post is delivered correctly.


  1. You may be able to answer a question relating to my Mother’s paternal line. My GG Grandfather was born in/at Quabbs and “The Hobby” appears as an address from time to time. I think that “The Quabbs” is also mentioned, I will need to look. Does the Hobby still exist, was it one of the cottages that you mention? We are stopping in Clun in a few weeks time so will have a drive along to the “family home area”.

    • Let us know when you are coming. Meanwhile I shall try to find out about ‘The Hobby’.

      All the ‘Quabbs Cottages’had various nicknames in the past. Ours, for example, was known as ‘The Quabbs’ we did not know that when we moved here and called it ‘Quabbs Cottage’ .Another of the cottages, also called ‘Quabbs Cottage’ on the deeds, then became ‘the Quabbs’. Later it was discovered that this used to be known as ‘Little Quabbs’. All very confusing. Another used to be known as ‘the Bog Hole’ . There are two others.

  2. Good morning,

    We will be there the first week of next month.

    The Hobby is mentioned on two family headstones in Lydbury North and one in Bishop’s Castle graveyard and is also mentioned on some birth and death certs.

    A cousin mentioned that when he visited Quabbs, the foundations of The Hobby were visible.

    One entry mentions “The Hobby (formerly known as Quabbs)”,
    I have also seen “Hobby House” mentioned.

    Although most of the entries show Clun as the town, I have seen Acton and Eddycliff used. The 1881 census shows the “Township” as Eddycliff.

    In the 1911 census, my ancestor John George noted the address as being: “Hobby, Bishops Castle, Salop”, His wife Jane was noted as a Shopkeeper Grocer and “at home” was noted under the “working from home” column so I wonder if Quabbs had its own shop around that time?

    John’s son, John jnr. died in 1898 and is buried in St. John’s at Bishop’s Castle and the address on the death certificate shows The Hobby, Clun.

    John George snr. died in August 1915, I think that is the last date that I have for the family being there.

  3. After some wonderful assistance from Val and her Husband (and some of the other Quabbers) we have managed to locate “our” Quabbs.

    It was/is sited a few miles away from The Quabbs between Acton and Argoed and is a ruin that you cannot see from the road. Again the assistance of another local who walked us to the place saved the day.

    There was little chance of us finding Quabbs/The Hobby without their assistance.

    So thank you and thanks also for the tea!

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