Quabbs Cottage

Quabbs Cottage retains the name stated on the deeds, but was traditionally known as ‘The Quabbs’.

When the present owners bought the house they did not know this – and called the house ‘Quabbs Cottage’.

A year or so after they moved in another Quabbs Cottage was put up for sale. This caused a lot of confusion.

When the new owners of that property moved in they renamed the property as ‘The Quabbs’, not realising that the traditional local name for that cottage was ‘Little Quabbs’.

Fortunately most people can read so when signs were put up the confusion was ended.


  1. Its very normal in this area where the definite article has survived in places names (Welsh influence?) for it to be ignored by people coming new – and not realising. Unfortunately we are slowly losing this ancient practise. The Bishop’s Castle is slowly ceasing to be ‘The castle’ & becoming ‘Bishops’ (yuk!) and ‘Sarn’ is just ‘Sarn’ whereas it was usually refered to only a few years ago as ‘The Sarn’.

    The teaching of reading to people has been a major factor in such changes as these – and the influence of the Ordnance Survey whose early researchers seem only to have been able to write an upper class English. Thus ‘Bachaethlon’ – pronounced with the softer ‘ch’ of mid wales becomes Bahaillon. And the appendage ‘cottage’ is stuck onto house names almost by accident (Quabbs… Bachaethlon….).

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